2018 Community Recognition Award Nominees

Chair’s Award
This award recognizes the substantial contribution of staff and/or a community member to the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Board over an extended period
 Scott and Heather
Scott and Heather Esdon 
Woodroffe High School

Woodroffe High School is a progressive school with a caring community that values diversity and nurtures positive character traits. Scott and Heather Esdon modeled these principles on a daily basis. They spent the last four years, tirelessly giving of their time and talents. Their leadership skills combined with their ability to get the job done will be remembered long after they hand over the fundraising baton to new a group of volunteers. 

To combat fundraising fatigue the Esdons’ proposed hosting two major fundraising events instead of participating in several mini fundraisers. The Holiday Craft Show and the School Tailgate Sale brought community into the school and school into the community. Their attention to detail is almost as legendary as their “How-to Binder.” Scott and Heather may be moving on but the binder is staying put! Scott and Heather have left an indelible impression. 

They will be sorely missed. Scott and Heather were also nominated for Volunteer of the Year Award 
Community Partnership Award Nominees
This award recognizes outstanding partnership/support from a community agency or business over an extended period of years or through a significant initiative that has directly benefited OCDSB students. 

Rick McCloskey Rick McCloskey
Brookfield High School

Rick McCloskey believes in the power of Cooperative Education. Over the past 2 decades, he has opened his Auto Service Centre to many students. By allowing students to work with his technicians, he helped to improve their employability skills and create better-prepared workers. This is good for students, employers and the economy.

Rick understands when you integrate classroom theory with hands-on learning the data comes alive. He allows students to try out career choices in a real world setting. What students learn most from Rick - is a good attitude and a good work ethic can take you anywhere. His contributions can be seen throughout our region and beyond. Not all of his coop students enter the world of auto repair; but they do leave his shop with a new skill set and the confidence to try new things. Rick has and continues to make a positive difference in the lives of OCDSB students. 
Jordan Clark Shoppers Drug Mart — Jordan Clark
Nepean High School

Cooperative Education is designed to meet the needs, strengths, learning styles and interests of high school students. Not an easy task. Finding an organization who welcomes all students can be challenging. Fortunately, Nepean High School has Jordan Clark and his dedicated Shopper’s Drug Mart staff on its team. Jordan provides everyone with an opportunity to succeed. His mantra is everyone is welcome regardless of gender, background or academic abilities.

“Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy.” Jordan and his team believe in this philosophy. Shoppers have been supporting Nepean High School’s Co-op students for several years and they are integral to the program’s success. Students feel welcomed and appreciated on day one and feel accomplished and proud at the end of their time coop placement. Jordan believes in rewarding good work. Several, former coop students are now Shopper Drug Mart employees. 
Emmanuel Svidran Ottawa Police Services — Emmanuel Svidran
Norman Johnston Alternate

“No Judgment” is a lofty motto but a hard one to emulate. It takes effort, commitment and the belief that… Judging a person does not define who they are…it defines who you are. No judgment is how the students and staff of Norman Johnston Alternate School try to live their lives. So, when ten staff members nominated, Emmanuel Svidran (Manny), the Schools Resource Officer (SRO) for a Community Partnership Award – you knew he had passed the no judgment test! Manny is officially a member of the Norman Johnston family.

Manny builds relationships by offering his time, expertise and belief in second chances. He makes it his goal to be part of the school community every day, not just when an issue arises. Manny has organized presentations; student-staff-police hockey games and workshops for students interested in a career in policing. Manny has made a lasting and indelible impression on the students and staff at Norman Johnston Alternative School.
Community Award Nominees
This award recognizes the outstanding contribution of a community member in developing an initiative that directly supports the well-being of our students. 
Eric and Sheila Dubois
Eric and Sheila Dubois
Charles H. Hulse Public School

Eric and Sheila Dubois are a dynamic duo. They have volunteered at Charles H. Hulse Public School (CHHPS) since 2015 and are an invaluable component of the success of the school team. They inspire and encourage students’ interest in science and the arts. Eric, a retired electrical engineering professor from the University of Ottawa, assists with the Robotics Club bringing scientific concepts to life for students. Sheila helps with the knitting/crochet club building the students love of textile arts.

Together they source out used clothing, clean and organize their finds and donate to the school. They also supply classrooms with gently used books, toys, games, and LEGO. In addition, Sheila helps students to improve their speech capabilities with one-on-one support. Their commitment to student well-being does not end at CHHPS’s door. They research and compile lists of post-secondary grant and bursary sources for Ridgemont High School’s graduating students so they can take advantage of these opportunities.

Eric and Sheila were also nominated for Volunteer of the Year Award.
Zoe Robinson Zoë Robinson
Earl of March Secondary School

Zoë brings her passion for music to Earl of March Secondary School. She directed and choreographed two separate school musicals, The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Into the Woods. She immersed herself into the production from the audition process, to the presentation of the shows, and finally to attending the Cappies Award Shows to witness the students receive awards.

Zoë’s commitment to the success and well-being of the students is paramount. She developed a meaningful rapport with students in both the cast and the crew. Zoë creates a safe, student environment, which allows students to take artistic risks. She developed close student connections. Many students seek career and artistic guidance from her. She is a respected adult presence in their lives. Her commitment to student success and wellbeing can be seen on and off the stage. Her dedication to volunteering is invaluable to students, staff, and the school community.

Zoë was also nominated for Volunteer of the Year Award. 
 Norman Goddard Norman Goddard
Forest Valley Elementary School

Norman Goddard has been volunteering his time and resources at Forest Valley Elementary School for 2 years. Twice weekly, he provides support and enrichment for students learning mathematics. He prepares challenging math problems and advances student learning in unique and successful ways. Norman is 86 years old but you would never know it. He has the energy of a person half his age. He is able to connect with students in grades 4 and 5 in a manner that builds confidence. His dedication to “his” students is admirable.

Many parents have requested their child get a chance to work with Norman. He is a well-known community leader and relationship builder. Forest Valley Elementary School is fortunate to have the expertise of a retired mechanical engineer who is willing to share his knowledge and wisdom with students. His contributions to the students learning will live on for a lifetime.

Norman was also nominated for Volunteer of the Year Award. 
Excellence in Equity Award Nominees
Granted in recognition of a substantial contribution of a parent, volunteer, business community member or organization to support the alignment and integration of equity and inclusive educational principles and practices over an extended period of years or through a significant initiative that has directly benefited OCDSB students.
 Lowertown Community Resource Centre Lowertown Community Resource Centre
York Street Public School (YSPS)

The Lowertown Community Resource Centre endeavors to enhance the quality of life of young people by encouraging community engagement. It does this through many avenues including a free after-school program known as Club 310. This program is located at York Street Public School and serves students between the ages of 6–12. A second program (also located at YSPS)-Transitions caters to the 13+ crowd. Approximately 100 students participate in these programs on a daily basis. It is an inclusive and accepting environment where everyone is welcome. The students play games, take part in sporting activities, study and are provided nutritious snacks.

By housing these activities at York Street Public School students can seamlessly go from school to after school activities without ever leaving the school grounds. This provides a sense of familiarity and encourages active participation. The partnership between York Street Public School and the LCRC allows students to be active, engaged and part of the greater community.  
Distinguished School
Council Service
Award Nominees

This award is granted in recognition of the outstanding efforts of a school council or school council member for making a significant contribution to enhancing the learning experience of students at a school and/or system level.
Geri Moss-Norbury, Larry Shamash and the Renew Elmdale Team Geri Moss-Norbury, Larry Shamash and the Renew Elmdale Team
Elmdale Public School

The Renew Elmdale Team (RET) worked diligently to bring members of the community together to advocate for $3.6 million in government funding. Their goal was to ensure an addition at Elmdale Public School became a reality. Members of the committee put in long hours strategizing, organizing and building a network of invested individuals. Working with multiple levels of elected officials they successfully lobbied the Ministry of Education to fund the addition.

On January 24, 2018 more than 300 people filled the school’s gymnasium to celebrate the funding announcement. The turnout was indicative of the community’s on-going support and appreciation of the Renew Elmdale Team. Speaking at the event on behalf of RET, Geri Moss-Norbury and Larry Shamash offered their gratitude to school council, parents, community leaders, OCDSB trustees and staff and provincial leaders. The message they delivered was one of unity and respect — two traits they believe helped to take the addition from a concept to construction.

The Renew Elmdale Team was also nominated for an OCDSB Community Award. 
Distinguished School
Council Service
Award Nominees

 Maria Hill Maria Hill
Heritage Public School

Maria Hill is a powerhouse — despite having a fulltime job she dedicates countless, volunteer hours to helping Heritage Public School become a greener community. In just one year, she promoted recycling (by collecting bottles) to raise additional funds for school technology updates. She outreached to the business community to collect their empty bottles and;

Maria applied for and received school gardening grants. These grants allowed for yard greening, tree planting and parent education nights. When parents thought she could do no more — she spearheaded an initiative to bring composting to the rural school. Maria’s efforts can be seen throughout the school and the community. Her hard work resulted in renewed and enhanced relationships with the local business community and the Navan Farmer’s Market. Maria has spent school year 2017/2018 ensuring parents were listened to, their ideas embraced and their contributions recognized.  
Phillip Rennison Phillip Rennison
Lisgar Collegiate Institute (LCI)

In Phillip Rennison’s, first year as Co-chair of the Lisgar School Council, he assumed the roles of treasurer, volunteer coordinator and OCASC representative. Phillip was also instrumental in initiating a parent fundraising sub-committee. This sub - committee was formed to raise funds to meet the needs and wants of LCI. In consultation with parents, teachers, students, clubs and school administration — a “Lisgar Wish-list” was produced with a goal to support achieving academic success.

As Co-chair, Phillip takes the lead on engaging the school trustees and superintendents on topics of interest to the LCI community including: Congregated Gifted Program Review and District Need Analysis Report. Phillip’s significant contributions enhance the learning experience of students at LCI, all the while engaging parents and staff in a positive manner. His boundless energy and commitment to excellence in education can be seen in every project he has committed his time to. 
Crystal Orlik Crystal Orlik
Pleasant Park Public School

Crystal Spring Orlik is the embodiment of her middle name. She creates, she nurtures and she brings sunshine wherever she goes. Crystal is a valuable and well-respected member of the Pleasant Park Public School Council. She puts her heart and soul into enhancing student learning. Crystal’s contributions over the past decade are truly awe-inspiring. She is the brains behind the annual Multi-Cultural dinner.

Crystal customized the event to meet the needs of Pleasant Park students and families. The idea of a school-wide potluck struck a chord and now thanks to her — hundreds of people attend. The sharing of food erases language barriers and celebrates diversity. This is just one of many events she helps organize. Crystal is an integral team member of the Fun Fair, School BBQ and Movie Nights. This is Crystal’s last year at the school as volunteer. Her organizational skills, community outreach abilities and her collaborative nature will be missed. 
Chrissy Rakobowchuk School Council Greening Committee – Chair Chrissy Rakobowchuk
W. E. Gowling School Council

Since the summer of 2016, Chrissy Rakobowchuk has chaired the W. E. Gowling Greening Committee. In that time, members have planted over 20 new and diverse trees. They funded the construction of an outdoor classroom; launched a community wide event to create a new “wild garden” and; an open space for kids to explore, learn and play.

The outstanding achievements of the Greening Committee, led by Chrissy Rakobowchuk in such a short amount of time are remarkable. The Greening Committee has taken on the challenge of “naturalizing” the kindergarten playground area within the next 5 years. The playground will include everything from tunnels to a climbing area. Chrissy’s welcoming attitude encouraged more people to join the Greening Committee making it even more vibrant and successful. Chrissy embraces new ideas and celebrates collaboration. The Committee’s commitment to the environment, school and greater community is making their neighbourhood a better place to live and grow. 
Volunteer of the Year Award Nominees
This award is granted in recognition of the substantial contribution of a parent volunteer or community volunteer over an extended period of years or through a single significant initiative that has had a positive impact on students.
Eileen Reid Eileen Reid
Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School

Eileen is the mother of 5 boys, 4 of whom attend Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School. Not only does she find time to volunteer — she volunteers times 4! Her contributions to the school are invaluable, numerous and appreciated.

Eileen volunteers on a regular basis in the classrooms of all 4 of her sons. In addition, she recently volunteered to take on arguably the largest volunteer role at the school - the Coordinator of the Lunch Program. Eileen is in charge of the online ordering site, managing volunteers, addressing student issues and interacting with suppliers. This role requires time management skills, communications expertise, and a great deal of understanding and empathy. Eileen is well known for her ability to stay calm in stressful situations. She is always the first to step forward to volunteer for anything and everything… and she does it all with smile and a baby on her hip! 
Barb Holland Barb Holland
Alta Vista Public School

Barb Holland has been a dedicated volunteer at Alta Vista Public School for over 12 years. Barb doesn’t seek recognition for her efforts — if anything she is embarrassed when they are pointed out to her. Barb’s contributions are so numerous it is almost impossible to name them all. If friends ask her to do something on the last Friday night of the month - the answer is always the same from September to June, I am booked — it’s Movie Night at the school!

If a class needs a parent-volunteer — they call Barb. She has been to the local fire station more times than she can count because she does not want students to miss out on the experience. Barb has coordinated and volunteered for pizza and milk programs, spring/holiday fairs, and Kindergarten activities... you name it and she has done it. All the kids know Mrs. Holland, and would probably be surprised to hear she isn’t employed fulltime by the school. She may not know all the parents by name,  but she recognizes all students and can name all of their siblings as well.
Marty Carr Marty Carr
Alta Vista Public School

Marty Carr is a force to be reckoned with at Alta Vista Public School. When Marty decides something needs to be done or changed, look out. One of Marty’s most impressive contributions revolves around the replacement of the Alta Vista kindergarten play-structure. In the span of one year, she almost single handedly fundraised enough money to build a new one. This was even more impressive, considering the fact her children were already well passed the kindergarten years.

Marty often ponders about stepping back from council related initiatives and activities, but it’s simply not in her DNA. She is a community and school leader and will likely be one long after her children graduate from university – or so School Council hopes. Marty’s passion for public education, students and their families is something she takes with her wherever she goes. Marty continues to make a positive difference in the lives of elementary students 
Les Banks Les Banks
Bell High School

Les Banks is Mr. Bell’s Corners. Everyone knows him. He has spent decades volunteering in OCDSB schools located in the Bells Corners community. His contributions to public education are innumerable. He has volunteered countless hours to guiding, encouraging and championing children at Bells Corners Public School, D.A. Moodie Intermediate School and Bell High School. Les is a parent volunteer, community leader and relationship builder. He is positive, keen to contribute and an advocate for public education.

Les is always willing to contribute for the greater good. He has helped to support athletic programming, science fairs, musicals, school fundraisers, leaving ceremonies and book fairs. He has spent the last four years volunteering his time as a coach, assistant coach, parent driver, and as a supervisor during the school’s participation in Bell’s Experiences Canada Educational Youth Exchange Program. He is a volunteer extraordinaire, a school/community/ parent leader, and a dedicated advocate for all things “Bell High School.” 
Clare Pelley Clare Pelley
Canterbury High School

Clare Pelley has spent the last 12 years giving of her time and talents to Canterbury High School. Her own children graduated more than 5 years ago. She is the community representative on the Music Parent Support Group. Her ongoing fundraising efforts helped to enhance the quality of this arts program. Clare’s ability to raise funds and the profile of the school’s talented students and staff is on par with any professional fundraising organization. Everything she touches turns to gold. Her efforts have raised thousands upon thousands of dollars over the past 12 years.

Clare’s extraordinary volunteer efforts are an extension of who she is as a person — extremely kind, patient and fair to all members of the Music Parent Group. She is also an exceptional and patient mentor to new volunteers. As an advocate, Clare always puts the interests of students first. She cares deeply about the music program and it shows. 
Eric and Sheila Dubois   Eric and Sheila Dubois
Charles H. Hulse Public School

See full nomination in Community Award section of this booklet. 
Francoise Slaunwhite Francoise Slaunwhite
Clifford Bowey Public School

Francoise is committed to keeping Clifford Bowey (CB) community informed and up-to-date on school related issues. She is an advocate and vocal supporter of CB students, and their families. She makes it her mission to seek out opportunities to “spread the word” about the specific needs of the school community. She does this while spearheading fundraising efforts to enhance student experience.

Her enthusiasm and energy were instrumental in securing funding for the Senior Play Structure. The structure includes accessible equipment so all students can enjoy play-time with their peers. Her fundraising efforts are legendary and include: $100K grant from AVIVA; monies from “Off to the Races” family dinner/ Silent Auction at the Carleton Raceway; and “Mystery Chef’ family dinner/Silent Auction to name a few events. Francoise is also instrumental in the Clifford Bowey Safety Village designed to assist in teaching children important Life-Skills. 
Traceylyn Watchorn Traceylyn Watchorn
Elmdale Public School

Traceylyn models hope and perseverance through her actions. In 2014, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the diagnoses, when she could, she continued her volunteer activities. She became a role model for many Elmdale students and parents, proving the value of a positive attitude when facing adversity.

Traceylyn beat cancer and jumped back into volunteering with renewed optimism. Her ability to get people motivated to fundraise is remarkable. She took the lead on two of the school’s biggest fundraising events - BookFest and Fun Fair. She in collaboration with many volunteers raised substantial funds — but more importantly she helped to build community. In promoting her love of literacy she engaged the school community and enhanced school spirit. When she commits to an event, she jumps in wholeheartedly. In addition to her volunteer commitments at Elmdale Public School, Traceylyn is a Scouter, coach and is also active in supporting women diagnosed with breast cancer 
Zoë Robinson  Zoë Robinson
Earl of March Secondary School

See full nomination in Community Award section of this booklet. 
Norman Goddard   Norman Goddard
Forest Valley Elementary School

See full nomination in Community Award section of this booklet 
Shannon Barkhouse  Half Moon Bay Public School Shannon Barkhouse
Half Moon Bay Public School

Shannon Barkhouse is one of those people who seem to be there — whenever people need her. She is also willing to do whatever is needed. She spends countless hours organizing the lost and found, setting up hot lunch programs and anything else required to promote a welcoming school environment. Her nominator stated, “I don’t even know all of what she does because it seems as though she does everything!”

She supports and encourages parent engagement. She is well known for her collaborative approach. Her can do attitude and her belief student and parent voice matters. Shannon’s positive approach is contagious. She does not seek out accolades for all she does for Half Moon Bay Public School’s staff or students. In fact, she does it without even thinking. She does it because she believes it’s the right thing to do. Shannon’s efforts are appreciated and respected by the school community. 
Jennifer Pyne Jennifer Pyne
Henry Larsen Elementary School

Jennifer Pyne makes a significant difference in students’ lives. As the Henry Larsen Elementary School (HLES) School Council Chair, she inspires parents to participate in school life, and students to model good community citizenship. HLES is the hub of the community where everyone feels welcomed – thanks in large part to Jennifer’s ongoing efforts to keep the community informed.

Jennifer’s exceptional grant writing abilities resulted in four successful Parent Reaching Out grants. A family paint night featuring a local artist reinforced the importance of art and family. Other events included: a workshop focusing on managing stress and anxieties in children; a math night designed to support classroom learning and; a parent night highlighting emotional wellbeing. Her leadership and commitment to a myriad of fundraising initiatives helps School Council’s ability to support and enrich the cognitive, physical, and social learning of the students. Jennifer is the perfect embodiment of the school motto — “Through Caring and Sharing We Learn”.  
Russ Brown Russ Brown
Merivale High School

Russ Brown is a retired engineer who has spent more than 800 hours, over ten years volunteering at Merivale High School’s Power Hour Club and Homework Club. The after-school clubs provide a supportive space for students to work on their homework and get extra help. The demand for assistance in senior science classes and intermediate and senior math classes is very high. This is where Russ comes in.

Russ has the ability to help students help themselves. His extensive knowledge base in high level math and physics is invaluable. Russ always has time for a student in need. He is patient and supportive and will work one-on-one or in a larger group setting. When a student experiences the “ah-ha” moment thanks to Russ you watch the student go from frustrated, to relieved, to proud in a matter of seconds! Russ has a unique rapport with his students. Many students walk in feeling defeated and leave feeling confident. Russ makes a significant difference in students’ lives. 
Magdalena Anderchuck Magdalena Anderchuck
Severn Avenue Public School

Magdalena Anderchuk embraces change even difficult change. Her children’s school was recently impacted by school closures and boundary reviews. She responded by embracing her new school community and championing a culture of partnership. Magdalena is a valued member of School Council. She respects other people’s opinions and seeks solutions to areas of concern. She seamlessly brought the various lunch programs from one school setting to another.

You will find Magdalena at the school almost every day overseeing the meal programs she organizes. She promotes student leadership opportunities for grade 3 students by enlisting their help with the lunch programs. Magdalena offers her skills, her patience and her positive attitude to numerous school initiatives. She encourages parents to volunteer while at the same time supporting and promoting school and teacher initiatives. Magdalena invested endless hours to help ensure the first year as a new school was a special year for everyone. 
Marilyn Smith Marilyn Smith
Steve MacLean Public School

For over a decade Marilyn Smith has volunteered her time and expertise as tutor of mathematics and literacy. You can count on Marilyn showing up every week to share her love of lifelong learning. Marilyn’s positive energy is contagious. Her ability to connect with students can be seen in their smiling faces and rising confidence in their abilities.

Marilyn is a valued and respected member of the Steve MacLean team. She willingly works with students one-on-one or in small groups to help improve literacy and numeracy skills. Marilyn is often asked by adults and students why she continues to volunteer. Her answer is always the same it makes her happy to help others. Her love of children is obvious in the respectful way she interacts with them. She answers questions until the student gets it. She understands that not all children learn the same way. What is important is to ensure all students love to learn.  
Richard Bourbeau, AKA Yaki Richard Bourbeau, AKA Yaki
Woodroffe Avenue Public School

Richard Bourbeau is a literacy volunteer, a music performer, a homework helper and a teacher’s best friend on any given day. He volunteers to perform his bilingual educational children’s songs almost daily in OCDSB schools. The songs have educational themes and are delivered in a fun and interactive manner. His love for performance can be seen when he is reading to a student, helping with assigned work or singing one of his original songs.

Mr. Bourbeau is also known by his stage name Yaki. OCDSB students have been watching Yaki perform curriculum-based presentations for over a decade. Recently, he composed a bilingual Woodroffe School Song, which the class performed on Grandparents Reading Day. In addition to his work at Woodroffe Public School. Richard is a regular volunteer (once a month) for the autism units at Mary Honeywell and Orleans Wood Public Schools. Most weeks Richard performs or volunteers with student reading — 5 days a week!  
Scott and Heather Esdon   Scott and Heather Esdon
Woodroffe High School

See full nomination in Chair’s Award section of this booklet 
Elaine Hayles Elaine Hayles
York Street Public School

York Street Public School’s School Council is in its infancy. In just four years, Community Volunteer, Elaine Hayles provided tireless support and dedication. She is the glue that keeps School Council together. Elaine offers guidance on how to access government grants; she helps plan and implement fundraising campaigns; and she promotes an atmosphere of collaboration and confidence.

She worked with Algonquin College to arrange for the placement of 3 students to help organize and promote a trivia night fundraiser in support of a grade 8 trip to Montreal. The successful fundraiser resulted in all students being able to attend the year end trip. Elaine doesn’t have a child in the school nor does she live in the area but she believes in community schools such as York Street Public School. York Street Public School, School Council is thriving thanks to her to professionalism and care. Elaine’s sense of community pride can be seen throughout the school. 

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