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Strategic Plan Connection: Culture of Innovation

A modern learning experience incorporates research-based pedagogical practices that foster future-ready skills such as critical thinking, authentic problem solving, communication and collaboration. Students are given agency through meaningful learning tasks that leverage technology, that are driven by their needs, interests and the big ideas of the curriculum. Agile learning spaces enable students to learn in different ways, at different times.

Goal: We will invest in modern learning experiences that leverage technology as a tool to access, 
create and share knowledge



  • Increased level of digital fluency.
  • Greater voice in what and how they are learning.
  • Increased level of challenge in learning for all students.


  • Leverage technologies, including assistive technology, in instructional practice to improve student learning.
  • Improved confidence to integrate innovative learning in instructional practice.


  • Increased innovative teaching and learning experiences.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate innovative teaching and learning.


 By June 2022:

  • 100% of timetabled OCDSB classrooms will have data projectors to visually share what students are learning.
  • Educator survey feedback indicates 50% more educators use mobile technology to provide learning activities that are innovative and meet the needs of all learners.
  • Student feedback will indicate a 50% increase in the opportunities for students to have voice in what and how they learn. Student survey data will show increased levels of students reporting they are being challenged in their learning.
  • Educator and student voice indicates 50% more students know how to use technology to create and share information in a responsible and ethical way.
  • A platform for sharing innovative teaching and learning has been selected and is used regularly by staff to foster collaboration.


  • Science technology engineering and math (STEM) initiatives
  • Partnerships to foster authentic learning
  • intermediate students will have a learning experience in the Virtual Learning Environment
  • Personalized learning spaces  

Connection to Exit Outcomes:

Goal-oriented Resilient Globally Critical Academically Diverse

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