Frequently Asked Questions

When will the deductions begin? 

The deductions will begin in January 2022.

How can I find out my donation details for previous years?

To find out how much you donated last year (or in previous years), on the home page, at the top right corner is a Login link. Enter your email and password from the previous year and then click on Donation History.  

What are the advantages of payroll deduction?

A donation made through payroll deduction is easy and efficient. It helps keep processing costs at a minimum and allows you to spread the amount over the entire year. Your donation appears on your T4 slip so you don’t have to keep track of a receipt.

Where can I get a paper form?

A small number of paper forms will be distributed to each school. You can also download the PDF here: English, French

Where do I submit a paper form?

Paper forms are submitted to Board Services, Att: Mellissa Applewaithe

Can we have school based fundraisers? 

Yes. School based fundraisers are fun!  They build enthusiasm and bring colleagues together. 

If we have a school based fundraiser, where do I submit the funds? 

Funds can be sent to Board Services, Att: Mellissa Applewaithe.

How do I get a tax receipt for my donation?

If you choose payroll deduction, your donation will appear on your T4 slip. If you choose credit card or PayPal, you have the option to receive the receipt via email.  

About United Way

Why should I give to United Way?

Your donation remains 100% local, and the local programs and initiatives United Way invests in ensure kids are ready to learn and provide children and youth with a safe place to go outside of school hours. Learn more: United Way - What they do

How much of my donation goes to administrative costs?

On average across the country, 85 cents of every dollar raised by United Way goes directly back to the community. This is well above industry standards, and competitive with the top non-profit organization across Canada. In turn, United Way is helping thousands of other non-profits keep their costs low too.

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