Yearbooks On Sale Now!

Yearbooks On Sale Now!
Posted on 06/22/2023
YearbookThe 2022/23 yearbooks are on sale now via School Cash Online.

The Yearbook Club worked so hard on this project throughout the school year and without their dedication and time we would not have a yearbook. We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishment.

As you purchase your yearbook you will notice that the link will send you directly to the printer we’ve chosen to use this year. As this is the first year that the yearbook was run as a club, we needed a print service that would be able to serve our needs, and produce a quality product without a binding contract. After researching and comparing several other companies that print photo books, we found to be the most cost effective for the number of pages we set out to create. Blurb also offers various price points to ensure the yearbook is accessible to all:
  • hardcover $71.10

  • softcover $54.10

  • PDF* $5
*PDFs will be shared with students using their school email addresses.

Discount Options

For students to organize on their own, offers volume discounts:
  • 1 - 9 books base price

  • 10-19 10%

  • 20+ 20%

When you purchase your yearbook, it will be shipped to your home address. You will have three options in terms of shipping speeds - also at various price points: Priority, Express, & Standard.
sample shipping rates and times

When we purchased our first book we noticed the “standard shipping” option was not available. After speaking with Customer Support, we learned that this is due to their normal printer not being available. We were told that this should be resolved shortly, but were not given a timeframe. Unfortunately this is an unforeseen issue that is completely out of our control. Nevertheless, Blurb is able to provide a refund (approx. $23) for the additional cost of express shipping.

If at checkout, you do not see “standard shipping”, click on the blue “Support” speech bubble at the bottom of the page. Indicate that you would like to have your book shipped “standard” and it is not appearing as an option at checkout, but does appear in the shipping calculator.

They may ask you to send a screenshot of your order to see what you are referring to. Screenshot both the “Select Shipping Method” and Order Summary” areas. See example below:
example of shipping window

They may then ask for the “format and zipcode” - You will need to tell them your postal code as well as “8x10 photo book” (you may also indicate whether it’s the softcover or the hardcover you are purchasing).

We had no issues in securing a refund to solve this issue, and were told to advise families looking to purchase these books to follow the same procedure.

To apply the refund, you first need to place the order (keep the chatbox open), then send them the order number. They will apply the refund right then.

We recognize the cost is much higher than would be preferred. Should you choose to find another print service, the PDF has all of the pages included in the book. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope these pages bring you and your families joy.
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