Business Certificate

To achieve a Business Certificate, (Non-Workplace) Students must complete a minimum of 6 Business credits within 4 years of starting grade 9.

Basic Requirements:

  • Minimum 50% in all Business courses

  • Honours awarded for an 80% average for all 6 accepted courses

  • Maximum 2 credits from Co-op that must directly relate to a business field

  • Minimum 1 business credit from grades 9 or 10

  • Minimum 3 business credits from grades 11 or 12

  • No credits allowed from a workplace code

Course Options:

Grade 9 and 10

BTT10/20 Introduction to Information Technology in

Business BBI10/20       Introduction to Business

Grade 11

BDI3C          Introduction to Entrepreneurial Studies

BMI3C         Introduction to Marketing

BDP30         The Enterprising Person

BTA30         Information Technology: Applications in Business

BAF3M        Introduction to Accounting

Grade 12

BTX4C        Information Technology in Business

BDV4C        Entrepreneurial Studies: Venture Planning

BAT4M       Principles of Financial Accounting

BBB4M       Introduction to International Business

BOH4M Organizational Studies: Organizational Behaviour and HR IDC4UB Investing and Personal Finance


Other Courses that may qualify: (1 credit Maximum)

MBF3C Financial Math

CIE3M The Individual and the Economy

CLU3M Understanding Canadian Law

CIA4U Understanding Current Economic Issues

CLN4U Canadian and International Law

French Certificates

Extended French Certificate:  Awarded to students who successfully complete the sequence of 4 courses in French (Extended/Immersion) and 3 additional courses in which the language of instruction is French.

French Immersion Certificate:  Awarded to students who successfully complete the sequence of 4 courses in French Immersion and 6 additional courses in which the language of instruction is French.

Honour Roll

Honour Roll:  80% average on 6 courses taken September – June of this year any grade level. International Certificate Program

Advisors: Ms. Jen Pattison, Mr. Chris Dales

The OCDSB International Certificate Program is designed to recognize and honour students who demonstrate a commitment to being motivated, engaged, and active global citizens. Participants earn the certificate by:

  • Studying an international language

Victoria Chamberlain and Tanner Armstrong are our first ICP graduates! Both were celebrated June 15, 2017 at a ceremony at Sir Robert Borden H.S. with 54 other ICP graduates from across the OCDSB.  Congratulations Victoria and Tanner!

Some Benefits of the Program

Possible Career Opportunities

Global Awareness


Global Competency

Language Translation and Interpretation

Cultural Proficiency


Leadership Skills

Health Care

Personal Growth

Environmental Studies

Educational Achievement

Political Science

Student Engagement

International Business

Career Pathways

Public Administration

Language Development

Social Work

International Law

Peace and Conflict Studies


International Relations

International Development


To receive the Certificate, students must successfully complete the following three components and the summative portfolio task.

Component 1 International Languages and Intercultural Communication

This component requires you to complete one credit in a language other than English or French, and to participate in an intercultural awareness workshop.

Component 2
International Coursework

This component requires you to complete four grade 11 or 12 courses with a specified international focus, and to complete at least two major summative tasks with a specific internationalized focus in any other courses between grades 9 and 12. Many other credit courses may be eligible to meet the coursework requirements. Prior approval of your guidance counsellor, the International Certificate Adviser, and the International Education Coordinator is required. Courses not available at South Carleton may be completed via elearning.

Component 3
International Experience and Engagement

This component requires you to commit to an international experience and engagement of at least 100 hours (locally or abroad) between grades 9 and 12. This experience may be:

  • a long-term international student exchange or study abroad program

  • a series of short-term overseas experiences

  • active engagement in local activities or organizations with an international focus

  • a combination of the above options 

The International Certificate Portfolio

After successfully completing the three required certificate components, you have the opportunity to demonstrate and reflect upon your commitment as a "global citizen" by compiling a portfolio. This will consist of the Student Learning Passport, a comprehensive log sheet that documents all the requirements of the three components; a Portfolio Presentation, eg. a multimedia presentation, an e-portfolio scrapbook, a photo essay, or other possibility; and finally a Personal Reflection. Visit the International Certificate Program website for the most current information. Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC)

The Ontario Secondary School Certificate will be granted on request to students who leave school before earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma provided they have earned a minimum of 14 credits distributed as follows:

Compulsory credits (total of 7)

2 credits in English

1 credit in Canadian Geography or Canadian History

1 credit in Mathematics

1 credit in Science

1 credit in Health and Physical Education

1 credit in the Arts or Technological Education

Optional credits (total of 7)

7 credits selected by the student from available courses

Ontario Scholars

Ontario Scholars:  Overall average of 6 grade 12 courses taken any year at 80%

Silver Medal

Silver Medal Selection Criteria:  The following criteria established for the OCDSB Silver Medal, awarded to students achieving an average of 90% or over in each of their secondary years as follows:

In grades 9, 10 and 11 the courses (8 in grade 9 and 10; 7 in grade 11) used to calculate the Silver Medal awards could be at any grade level (e.g., a grade 10 student could be taking seven grade 10 courses and one grade 11 course).  Courses may only be counted once towards a Silver Medal Award.  Summer School courses are not counted.

Grade 12 Silver Medal Award, the 6 courses must be taken at the Grade 12 level but need not be taken during the grade 12 year (a grade 12 credit from the previous year could be used if not previously counted for a Silver Medal award). Technology Studies Certificate

Technology Studies Certificate:  (8 credits) Awarded to students who successfully complete the sequence of 8 credits in Technology Studies (all T and I codes).



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