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Cooperative Education provides secondary school students the ability to earn credits while working in a community outside of their school. Students will have the opportunity to develop personal and workplace skills important to their career and life planning.


For more information, contact our administrative support at (613) 596-8286.

Community Partners can get involved in a number of different ways.  Please consider the following opportunities:

In - Person Co-op

  • Student attends to your place of business or organization
  • We work with you to ensure that health and safety training standards and appropriate PPE are met prior to the start of placement
  • Teachers support student learning with regular placement visits and meetings
  • Students can work for 3 to 6 hours per day for approximately 4 months per semester
  • Click here to register your business or organization
  • If you would like more information you can read the Supervisor’s Handbook or contact our Guidance/Coop Lead Ramsey Shuck at (613) 596-8286/[email protected]

Virtual Co-op

  • Students and their teacher engage with your business or organization through video chat, email, and telephone
  • Student completes tasks that can be done virtually
  • Examples include: market research, data entry, website development, graphic design, administrative support, blog writing, social media content development, etc.
  • Students can work for 3 to 6 hours per day for approximately 4 months per semester
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Short Term Support for *New* Co-op Course

  • Community Partners can support student learning by volunteering to share their expertise and experience through interviews, seminars, presentations, mentorship, short term projects, etc.
  • Level of engagement can be one time only or reoccuring during the semester
  • Click here to register your business or organization

The Ignite Cooperative Education Program (School/Community Referral)

  • This is a full-time Specialized Cooperative Education program serving youth between the ages of 16 and 21, who are experiencing challenges in the traditional school setting.
  • The Ignite program allows youth to earn high school credits while working at their full or part time job, and can support students in finding paid employment opportunities with community partners.
  • Learning takes place outside of the traditional classroom setting, with flexible, one-on-one individual support available for all students.
  • Support is available in the community rather than at school sites.
  • For more information, reach out to Rupa Jolly ([email protected]) or Ashley Brooks ([email protected]). 

Note: Students registered in the Ignite Program are registered with Ignite as their primary school. This program is not meant to be done concurrently with regular school courses. Ignite is no longer accepting students. Applications come to a close this June.

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