About Us

Your Council members for the 2023 - 2024 school year are:

Chair: Bridgette Brown

Vice-Chair: Sumeet Sawhney

Secretary: Kim Brunton

Community Representative: Elizabeth Douville

Admin Representative: Jessica Young

Teacher Representative: Sheri Eady

OCASC Representative: Rowena Pearl

Members at Large:  Nadine Lewis, Lianna Titcombe, Annie Sanchez, Shereene de Rosayro, Michelle Sabourin, Jenny Flower

Past Chair: Drew Willis

The SCHS Parent Council is very informal. Our membership must be a minimum of 7 members for Quorum, from which a Chair (or Co-Chairs/Vice-Chair), Secretary, and OCASC representative are chosen by election or acclamation (Constitution). We welcome all parents, including those at OCV schools, as our meetings are open.

We generally don’t participate in fundraising (or our fundraising is very limited) because we believe the focus should be on sharing information between the school and parents to serve the needs of our students. We do apply regularly for the Parent Reaching Out Grant. Our finances are managed through the school.

What do Parent Representatives do?

  • Participate in Council meetings and committees established by the Council;

  • Participate in information and training programs;

  • Act as a link between the School Council and the community;

  • Encourage the participation of the parents from all groups and of other people within the School community

What does the Chair/Co-Chairs do?

  • Call School Council meetings

  • Prepare the agenda for meetings in collaboration with the Principal

  • Chair School Council meetings

  • Ensure that minutes are recorded and maintained

  • Participates in information and training programs;

  • Communicates with the Principal on behalf of the Council

  • Ensures that there is regular communication with the School community;

  • Consults with senior board staff and trustees, as required;

  • Facilitate resolution of conflict

  • Provide an annual report of Council activities

What does a Vice-Chair do?

  • Presides at meetings of the Council in the absence of the Chair;

  • Assists the Chair in any of his/her other roles and responsibilities as may be delegated from time-to-time

What does the Secretary do?

  • Ensures that adequate notice of meetings, the agenda, and previous minutes are circulated to all members within prescribed time lines

  • Maintains a full and accurate account of all Council meetings, and ensures that the minutes are signed by the Chair following their adoption by the Council

  • Distributes the minutes and agenda to Council members prior to the meetings

  • Prepares correspondence and documents on behalf of the Council

  • Ensures agenda and minutes are posted to the school webpages

  • Ensures the safe-keeping of Council records

What does the OCASC Representative do?

  • Review the agenda for upcoming Regional School Council (OCASC) meetings and attend if determined to be relevant

  • Reports on OCASC meetings at the School Council meeting and provides summary to the Secretary for inclusion in the minutes

To reach the SCHS School Council, email [email protected].

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