Canadian and World Studies

Department Head: Mr. Brian Pettigrew

The Canadian and World Studies and the Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum is delivered through the traditional subject areas of Geography, History, Law, Politics, Social Sciences, and Family Studies. The focus of the curricula is on local, national, and global issues. A significant emphasis is also placed on skill development through a grade nine to twelve continuum intended to prepare students for post-secondary education and the world of work. Students are provided with a range of rich learning experiences designed to foster critical thinking, personal and social development, civic responsibility, literacy, and character education.

Courses in Geography are compulsory in grade nine and offered in both academic and applied, as well as French Immersion. The emphasis in all our programs is to develop geographic knowledge and skills that contribute to an understanding of Global and Canadian diversity. Field studies take students to local features such as Gatineau Parc and Lafleche Caves.

History and Social Science courses are also offered at all levels, except grade 9. The grade 10 programs in History and Civics are compulsory. South Carleton offers one of the widest ranges of courses possible, especially at the senior level including World History, World Cultures, Canadian & World Politics, Anthropology/Psychology and Sociology, Food and Nutrition, Families in Canada, and Challenge & Change in Society. The emphasis in all courses is to provide opportunities to develop skills through a wide variety of teaching strategies which accommodate different learning styles. A number of guest speakers and local field trips such as The War Museum, Museum of History, the Holocaust Museum, and partnerships with various organizations such as the Canadian Mental Health Association, The Canadian Hunger Foundation, and Engineers without Borders give a more complete understanding of the importance of the history and social science curriculum today.

Family Studies courses are offered at the grade 11 and 12 levels with an emphasis on child development and the changing role of the family in today’s diverse society. In Raising Healthy Children “Parenting” (Grade 11) and Human Growth and Development (Grade 12), students are provided with the opportunity to work with children in a preschool playgroup here at South Carleton. Students observe and apply human development in a realistic setting. 

Law is taught in grade 11. The Law course explores legal issues that affect students and provide an understanding of elements of Canadian Law, and the role it plays in our society today. Mock trials and debates, guest speakers, law court visits, and legal research work are approaches that all stimulate the learning experience.

In the end, students can expect to receive a valuable learning experience and skills development required in post-secondary education and the world of work.

For a quick overview of courses offered at South Carleton, including some exciting new options, please view the Canadian & World Studies Option Sheet Presentation.

For a detailed description of individual courses, please select a course outline below or refer to the OCDSB Course Guide.

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