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Variable Transportation for Students in a Joint Custody Arrangement and Having Two Homes

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) has a NEW policy and procedure to deliver transportation services to students in a joint custody arrangement and having two homes. Both homes must be within the attendance boundary and eligible for transportation. A formal application process requires that both parents and/or guardians sign the application and provide a schedule. Weekly or bi-weekly access schedules may be limited to ensure student safety. Other safety and operational risks will be assessed prior to approval or denial of each application.

The deadline for NEW applications is June 1st to ensure transportation can begin on the first day of school in September. The application form and transportation schedule calendar can be found on the Policies and Procedures drop down menu on the OSTA website. Samples of how to fill out these documents are also on the website. For renewals, please refer to procedures under policy.

The renewal process is done every year. If there are no changes to your child(ren)’s information (e.g. address, school) or schedule, then only a calendar will have to submitted to the OSTA no later than June 30th of every school year. The calendar (TRA-T22B) will only require one parent's signature. If there are any changes to your child(ren)'s information, then both TRA-T22A and TRA-T22B forms will have to be submitted with the new changes and signed by both parents. Please note that parents can also submit the applications separately with their signatures on both forms.

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